Thursday, July 28, 2011

Trench Rats Of World War 1photo 7

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Trench Rats Of World War 1photo 6

Trench Rats Of World War 1photo 5

Trench Rats Of World War 1photo 4

Trench Rats Of World War 1photo 3

Trench Rats Of World War 1photo 2

Trench Rats Of World War 1photo 1

 This blog has now been changed into a website.  Most of what is here will be on the new site and much more to come.  Visit

It is amazing at what we can eat when the situation is desperate enough like these French soldiers in the trenches of  the Western Front of WW1. With many thanks to one of my  fans. I have received and will be receiving many dozens of interesting photos of WW1 and WW2 most of which are either not on the net or very hard to find. So thank you to my French, German and Russian fans of this blog.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Battle of Britain

At this time of the war this battle was critical for the British to win just so that the Luftwaffe did not get control of the sky over Britain and this then allowed the Allies to build up their forces for D-day with little interference. The biggest worry to the British was in winning the Battle of the Atlantic to make sure that those forces got to Britain. But we still have to honor all those who sacrificed themselves in this battle for survival.

Battle of Britain Spitfire gun camera shots in short video

Squadron of He-111 bombers flying low over the English Channel

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He-111 close up photo of nose gunner and pilot

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He-111 bomber over London

Messerschmitt BF- 110 fighter bomber over the English Channel in August of 1940

Another plane that was useless in Battle of Britain because as a fighter bomber it could not win in most dog fights against Spitfires and even Hurricanes and they carried such a small bomb load.

Ju -87 Stuka dive bombers over England

These bombers were almost useless in the Battle of Britain except for the start of the battle when the Germans tried to knock out the British radar stations but after a few attacks with some success but at a heavy cost to the Luftwaffe in Stukas being easy targets for defending fighters to shoot down the Germans switched tactics because they failed to grasp the importance of these radar stations.

Firemen in action after bombing attack on London

London docks area destroyed by bombing attack

Luftwaffe airplane scrap heap

German planes shot down in Battle of Britain did help the British war effort by providing the British with tons of scrap metal but unfortunately the Germans were to do the same with downed Allied planes over Europe. The difference was all in the timing:  The British were desperate for all metal scrap at this point in the war while Germany had many sources of raw resources from mines in Germany and Czechoslovakia. And do not forget that the German Luftwaffe was built up before the war was started and Britain had to catch up in a hurry.

Remains of He-111 shot down on British coast

German Dornier bomber wreckage being removed from roof top

Donier Do-17 dropping a stick of bombs over London

British AA guns in night time action

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Future Queen of Britain-Princess Elizabeth giving special radio speech during Battle of Britain

In honor of the recent Royal visit here is a very old photo of a young Queen in waiting;  Princess Elizabeth giving a radio speech during the Battle of Britain. Standing next to her is her younger sister Princess Margaret.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Beneath Hill 60

There is a recent Australian movie about this type of warfare in WWI.  It is a 2010 production titled                   Beneath Hill 60 about some Australian miners who were recruited for just these type of tunnel missions.  Very good war drama about a little known part of WWI Western Front.