Tuesday, November 16, 2010

USS FDR CV-42 photos never seen before-very rare pics

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The photos are now on the Post War Photos page of the website.


Ziggy said...

This is a great series of candid shots. Having serves aboard the USS Shangri-La, CVA 38 around the same time they trigger memories of the action, the noise and the smell of burnt jet fuel intermingling with the ship's stack gases.

Ziggy said...

Very interesting photos indeed.
I was on the "Rosie" a few times when she was in Mayport, FLA. where my own ship USS Shangri-La, CVA 38 was homeported around the same time period. These shots bring back fond memories and sensations of noise, action and the unforgettable smell of jet exhaust.
Nice work.

Anonymous said...

Thanks sailor and I hope you enjoy this blog.