Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mid -East Crisis in Egypt can lead to WWIII and it stems from a 1928 Egyptian event.

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This is a worst case scenario of what is presently happening in the Mid-East, primarily Egypt.  This turmoil we are now experiencing in Egypt can lead to a WWIII standoff or a very hot war.
If it happens it will be starting with a war against Israel; an attack on South Korea and Japan by North Korea and at least a Chinese naval and air blockade of Taiwan.
This would either force Taiwan to join Communist China either by the force of a pen or the force of the sword.
In the Mid-East it all depends on if the Egyptian Army takes control in support of the people to bring in a true democratic type of country or will the military allow the Muslim Brotherhood to finally get control of Egypt, something they have been trying to do since 1928.  I believe the Egyptian military will try to gain control for a pro-Western government to support because they get most of their funding and equipment from America.
If the Muslim Brotherhood does get control it would not take them very long to create an alliance with Iran and a Muslim ideology lead Tunisia with Libya forced to join the new Muslim Alliance because they are stuck between Tunisia and Egypt.
It would not be a long wait for this Alliance to force other Muslim nations to join in a war against Israel with the backing of a nuclear threat from Iran.  This of course would cause Israel to finally admit that they also have nuclear weapons when they use them to strike back against their attackers.  The present day American government will not be able to or might not even be willing to help Israel in this war.
This focus on the Mid-East will give North Korea the timing that they have been waiting for to attack South Korea and Japan and again the present American government would be powerless to help.
At the same time China could place the blockade around Taiwan and again America will be useless because they just do not have the military capability to fight a war in three places at the same time.
A blockade or invasion of Taiwan, an invasion of South Korea and attacks on Japanese cities and industries following a Mid-East war that will cut off most if not all oil supplies from there will cause a huge mess in the West; both militarily and economically.
So it is up to the Egyptian military, mostly the army, who controls the future of Egypt, the entire Mid-East and most world affairs.
What we have to remember the most is that the Iranian revolution started with just the idea to overthrow the American supported Shah which was quickly taken over by an extreme Muslim theocracy that holds sway over Syria, Lebanon and half of the Palestinian lands.

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