Wednesday, October 12, 2011

WWI aircraft

 This blog has now been changed into a website.  There will be no more postings of photos or stories here.
Most of what is on this blog will be at the new site and much more to come.

Here are three photos of some WWI aircraft. I have not seen these before on an English website.


The Land said...

Very interesting. Who are they by? (and when?) What are they of? Where are they from?

Blogs by Irv said...

You are right that I should have tried to identify the aircraft but they were emailed to me from a Russian fan and I was able to find out that the photos are from a Polish version of Wikipedia. I just did not have the time at that moment. I believe the planes are the AIRCO de HAVILLAND DH.9 bombers in the RAF, an upgrade from the DH.4 and they also saw service with the French and American military during WWI.

Blogs by Irv said...

From the Blog:
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