Sunday, February 5, 2012

New military history website

This is just another reminder to any visitors to this blog that it has been replaced by a new military history website..

Thanks for visiting, see you at the other site.  Many new and interesting war photos especially of WWII.
There are also many Russian Navy ships from 1950s to 1980s sent to me from a Russian fan of this blog (now website) and more to post. Surprised the ex Soviet Union allowed these photos to be taken.  There is also a huge collection of German soldiers in WWII behind the lines at the Eastern front and many, many more to be posted.  These were personal photos taken either from prisoners or from cameras found on the battlefields of Eastern Europe. Also a huge and building collection of destroyed armor, mostly German Panzers but some Russian, American, British and Japanese.

Special Premium Section:  Horrors of War

These photos are for members only and they are  horrendous.  This is a special page of after the battle photos before the bodies have been removed.
Not very nice to see but it is part of war.  Tanks are not empty shells when destroyed; a moment before there were 3 to 5 living souls inside. Too gruesome to describe.

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