Friday, December 16, 2011

London views during WWII

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Here are two distinctly different views of London during WWII.  In the 1st photograph you see a smashed and burning London skyline view around the time of the Blitz and in the 2nd photo you can see that while it is still wartime with all those barrage balloons hovering over the city  the Thames River barge traffic is moving along as if it was peacetime and there are  no smoke smudges hanging over the city.  While I have seen similar photos these two photos as far as I know have never appeared on any website in any language.  As I have found out from some of my visitors and from a debate at a forum that I was reading the topic of these two photos should be about what a difference between Berlin and London around 1944/1945.


Anonymous said...

The first picture isn't from London. That one's from Berlin. It's actually Brandenbuger Tor in the foregorund, and the damaged dome to the left is Berlin Cathedral, while the dome to the right is the one on Berlin Castle (no longer in existance).

It's shot from a low angle, and heavily foreshortened, but gives a view from the Tor up Unter den Linden.

Blogs by Irv said...

Thanks for the info about what city is in the 1st photo. I was not too sure but I was going on the info that was supplied to me with the photos. There is also a debate about this photo at the forum Armchair General.