Friday, December 2, 2011

Secret Build and Repair Plans for a huge American bomber.

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Here are Secret USAAF and RAF plans for building and repairing the B-29 Superfortress, the largest bomber of WWII,   with all parts listed and schismatic drawings of entire aircraft. These plans were originally written on November 10, 1944 and revised on April 30, 1945 before the end of the war. They were sent to me from a foreign fan of my blog and I have to thank him very much.   I have done searches for other sites with these pages and could not find anything.  I have no idea where or how he got them.  And I have no idea of when these plans were released or  if they were ever released. But if you are thinking of building your own B-29 you better have a backyard bigger than a football field. But while these plans do show the entire parts of the airplane there are hundreds of pages that I did not get and there was no mention if more were to be sent.
 Look at table of content page for missing pages.

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