Sunday, July 4, 2010

About This Blog

Just to let everyone know I did not create this blog for war mongers to brag about what they would like to happen during any war past or present. While my specialty is WWII any meaningful discussions about warfare in any topic will be okay. AS LONG AS THERE IS NO HATRED OR DISCRIMINATION MENTIONED then your comments are welcome.
This site is for military buffs!
So for my 1st topic I am posting a question and await your responses.
Which WWII battle had the most direct and indirect effect of the war for the Allies.
Hint#1-- This battle lasted about 2 years.
Hint#2-- It included mostly air and naval units from at least 4 major countries.
If you think you have the answer post your comment and make sure to not only name the battle but why it was so pivotal.

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