Friday, July 16, 2010

WWII Propaganda Films

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In WWII both Germany and the Allies used propaganda/war movies to help their war effort, but there were major differences in their respective approaches and uses.

While both sides believed they had a just cause for their fight in this war, when it came to trying to prove it with documentary films, the course of the war itself made it harder for Germany and easier for the Allies. The Germans used propaganda documentaries to show not only why they were fighting, but also why they expected to win the war. Their master race theory and the need to expand the nation controlled every event and every use of propaganda, especially in films.

The Allies, at first Britain, and then America, showed why they had to win the war. It was not good enough to show just the fighting. The important message was what would happen if the Allies did not win the war.
Any comments on this would be appreciated before I continue with my factual research to prove this theory. Propaganda movies

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Ziggy said...

Yes, propaganda films were very necessary to ensure everybody stayed focused on the job at hand-defeat of the enemy. Posters as well were evident eveywhere like the collection
I forwarded for inclusion in this blog.